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            Hefei Top Industry Development Co., Ltd is a professional supplier for Aromatic chemicals, cosmetic ingredients, food ingredients with self brand TOPESSENCE. Maintaining over 500 chemicals in warehouse inventory, ever-lasting improvement of management was made to be a leading supplier for raw allied materials.

            Our manufacturers are ISO, GMP, HALAL, KOSHER and REACH certified complying to CP/BP/USP/EP/JP standard, and so we are able to supply our superior products to a multitude of clients across the world chemical industries.

            TOPESSENCE takes pride in having an ever-growing and prestigious list of customers and associations world over. Quality of our company has always been the core point that we are caring. The product of us is suitable for a wide range of applications like confectionery, candy, chewing gum, tobacco, toothpastes, API, pain balms and cough syrupse.

            TOPESSENCE owns an experienced management QC team and R&D staff having vast experience in their respective fields with utmost dedication.
            The company is equipped with latest technology and follows most stringent industry standards to produce high quality chemicals.

            TOPESSENCE is devoted to providing solutions of best quality and value-added market analysis to raw chemicals we are supplying. In line with excellent business creed, long-term business relationship was established with lots of famed clients across Asia, Europe, Americas and Africa.

            AT TOPESSENCE, our day begins with your enquiry, it ends with your satisfication.